Dropdown List options

Hi Bubblers ! I have a REPEATING GROUP that lists all the ‘Properties’, selected by the USER. Now, there is a DROPDOWN that I want to populate Dynamically with the Nomenclature “Shop No. : COUNT”, where COUNT starts from 1 & goes upto ‘Number of items in the RG’. Also, I want to give Last Option as ‘All’.

Can this be done in Bubble ?


Lots of ways to achieve this but the easiest way would be to create a field names PROPERTIES (multiple items) in the USER table. When a user clicks to add a property then just do a workflow like this…


You can then set your source of data for a dropdown or a multiple dropdown to …


I did a quick example of what it could look like. You don’t have to use the multiple select dropdown, I just thought it gives the user a better experience. https://shoptest-42959.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

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