Dropdown list showing to many options and how to filter empty/all

I have a dropdown I want to populate with elements from the field “Category”, but I don’t know how to limit the options to only show each categoy once.
As it is now each category item is shown as individual items.


How do I “clear” the filter so I can see all elements no matter the category?

Using a condition. If the category is empty then the RG data all elements.

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Thanks. I solved the second part with empty/filtrating.

Still unsure about the first.


I made changes to the Choises Source so it matches the image you posted.
I cant do the same for Option caption so the dropdown still has all elements.


You need to add ‘RaskCategory’ in the choices source before the unique elements. At the moment you are just picking a unique type of RiskDescriptions and not the Category.

Thanks got it to work.
I needed to convert the decision to text in the Choises source

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