Dropdown menu for Delete but

Hi All,

I created a dropdown menu for deleting content from my uploaded images but i am left with a blank space everytime and also the image is still in the database when i check

Any advise what’s missing here?

I think i managed to get it

On top of deleting thing, i need to delete an uploaded file
Not sure which is correct though

“Image” or “Unique ID”

Hi @daryltang :slight_smile: To fully remove an uploaded file from your app’s storage, there need to be two actions: one to delete the uploaded file, and one which sets the image field to empty. For example, if the dropdown displays a list of Cars’ images, to delete the selected Car’s image, the workflow would be:

  1. Delete the file by selecting “URL” after selecting the image field:

  2. Set the image field value to empty:

That should remove it completely, but let me know if not! :slight_smile: