Dropdown menu how to filter double values

Hi Deejay,

Thanks for the info. Work in progress. This is my first test.


All the manufacturers are grouped together.

Greats Dirk

This sure look odd. It seems that it’s returning the whole list. Can you please share the screenshot of the text element from RG cell?

Hi Dirk. I see what happened there. That formula in my last screenshot has to be applied to the RG’s data source and not to the Text element itself. The text cell in the RG must have a value “Current Cell’s Text”. :slight_smile:

Yes, I guess that’s it. I have recreated the issue and got the same results. :slight_smile: The data source formula goes to the RG, not the text element in the RG.

Hi Deejay,

It works.



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Great :smiley: Happy to help !

Hello @deejay.shani and @mikeloc,

Thank you very much taking your time to help me. I really apricate this. I worked a lot with the forums of other products but the Bubblers are helping each other like no where else.

Great product and users this Bubble.