Dropdown only getting partial information from Db

I’m using a series of dropdowns but one is not picking up complete data and I’m lost as to why and would love a few pointers.

Dropdown 1 is for Car Make and it does a search on Vehicle Makes (db table with only one field, vehicle make) and gets the full list of car manufacturers sorted by Make.

Dropdown 2 is for Car Models and it does a search on Vehicle Models (db table with two fields, vehicle make and vehicle model) using Make = Dropdown 1’s Make Value. But I’m getting only partial lists. One Make has 17 models in the DB table and the dropdown shows 3, another Make has about 5 or 6 models but I see none in dropdown 2.

The Make name for Vehicle Makes and the Make name in Vehicle Models came from the same imported Excel file so this is nothing to do with case sensitivity.

Has anybody seen this before or have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Got it sorted. It was dirty data. The vehicle makes are misspelt in some rows.

If anyones is using the vehicle VIN API perhaps they could give me a few pointers. Would I be better pulling a list of All Makes and All Models from there?

I do need to use the VIN check to pull in information on vehicles soon and I’ve never used and API so a little help might be needed if there are any volunteers. :slight_smile:

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