Dropdown pointing to content type question

This is pretty confusing to me. If I actually select something from either of those drop downs ,they are stored with my workflow. If I neglect to positively select any of the two drop downs, nothing is stored. Not even the thing that was pre-selected.

What am I doing wrong?

It turns out that if I do not select it positively, even though the drop down placeholder is whats in the database, nothing is actually selected. How do I specify it to be selected?

And I figured it out:

Autobind on parent thing.

I struggled with that idea of the blank space at the top of the drop down in the past…it is because there is a check box on the element in the editor “this input should not be empty”


check that box and the top of the choices list will not have the blank field any more

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@ryan16 The placeholder is simply cosmetic. It contains no actual value.

On any element, to have a predetermined value you have to use the default value / initial content options.

That took me a while to figure out as well.