Dropdown Pre-Selecting First Option

Hello, I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

I realized that some of my dropdown elements have the appearance that an option is preselected. This is obviously not good from a UX perspective, if a User clicks the dropdown and it looks like they have selected an option, when in reality they haven’t.

Here are some screenshots to help explain:

As you can see the placeholder is “Yes/No” and there are just two static options (Yes and No). When clicking on the dropdown, it has the check next to Yes, but if I were to click elsewhere on the page then it would not make a selection.

My question to the community firstly; is this a bug or expected behavior? Second, how can I make it so that my dropdowns do not have a ‘pre-selected’ option when clicked on?

Remove the “This input should not be empty”
This is why the dropdown autoselect the first option in the list.

Okay, but what if I need that input to not be empty?

Is it not possible have both of these things?

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