Dropdown Suggestions Not Appearing

Up until just a few minutes ago, suggestions of different cities were appearing in the search box below the search box, and now they’re not. Does anyone know why this could be the case?

When searching cities, the dropdown should look like this:

Have you checked to see if you’ve been rate limited by the Google Maps API?

How would I check that?

It was originally limited by Bubble (got emails with the subject line Your application First is rate-limited for Google Geocoding calls), and I just added the Google Geocode and Google Map API keys to reverse it.

The search results are coming up when I type in any city, it’s just that the dropdown function isn’t working.

You were getting results when you weren’t using your own API keys right?

Allow me to rephrase:

  1. Without Google API’s Added: Search dropdown working. Search results not appearing when I clicked search. Map functionality was also not working.

  2. With Google API’s Added: Search dropdown not working. Search results appearing when I clicked search with the map functionality.

I just removed them as a test, and the issue is still persisting.

gotcha, then it seems like your API keys aren’t configured correctly. have you followed these steps?

Absolutely. This was the tutorial I referenced.

So ever since you used your own API keys it stopped working, correct? You may have to wait a bit for your API keys to propagate and take in effect

Yes, ever since I added the API keys, #1 ended, but #2 began.

I’ll see if anything changes by the morning, but I don’t think it will because I already removed the API keys and issue #2 is still persisting.

Still isn’t working. Any suggestions on how to fix?

Are there any errors logged in the console?

No, I don’t believe so. This is the console you’re referring to?

No, i meant in the Browser console (in dev tools) when you type into the search box…

Apologies, still very new to the platform. Is this what you’re referring to?

Yes, that is what I mean… but I don’t mean in the editor, but on the actual page when you preview it.

Open the page in your browser whilst the console is open, (or open the console again once the page has loaded).

Then see if any errors show up when you type into the Search box.

Looks like that is the case. I did follow this tutorial step by step, so I’m shocked it’s not working.

Regardless, this is what I’m seeing.

It’s saying that your app is not authorized to user the API… so there’s obviously an issue with how you’ve set things up in the Google Developer Console.

My guess is that you haven’t given the correct permissions for the domain to use the API, btu in any case there is some issue with your setup.

So you’ll need to go back into Google and double check everything.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I figured it out! Thank you for your help.