Dropdown that lets you type to filter?

Is there any option to have a dropdown that lets the user actually type in it as well to filter the results? We have some dropdowns where the user selects the owner of a record, so it’s listing about 100 users on it. I get asked frequently if it can be changed to be a dropdown still, but the kind that has an input box where you can just start typing and it filters the dropdown results.

Something like this:


You can use the multi-dropdown plugin (free) for this. :ok_hand:

Users will be able to start typing which filters the results.


Joe / Nucode.co


you could create your own…need an input element, a repeating group for results and other customization on the look and functions.

Here is an editor of a practice app of mine. On index page has a search for four different data types in the database…start typing “apple” and you’ll see the results.

Also, need to search the forum of the posts on the auto correct fuzzy search plugin

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Here is one of the best examples I refer to for, the UX can be adapted to your specs…