Dropdown to list of attributes

Currently I have an old idea that I put together before I had any grip on Bubble, not that I could say I really do now, but anyhow. I want to add a version of this idea into the app I am currently building. Basically, the user can search an essential oil for instance and find out what its useful for, what its made of and warnings surrounding it.

What I put together looks like this

Its messy as hell and its pretty overwhelming.

Id like to simplify it. Is there a way I could create a dropdown with the options available and the user be able to select all options that are applicable. Then could I take this list of options they have selected and display them as a list. I currently have it broken down into skin care, hair care, components and warnings but I would probably break it down further or the dropdown would have too many options.

If this is possible how would I go about doing this? Ive only done dropdowns that select one option and I know there is an option that says something about this is a list, Ive never worked with lists in Bubble.

You can add Bubble’s multiselect dropdown plugin.

Alternatively you can create your own using Repeating Groups.