Dropdown value resetting

Hi I have set up a data input form which then shows in a repeating group in a table format.
My Data type is “Site Information” and within this i have a number of categories including Status, which is input as drop down.
When i Press “add site” button from my input form, the drop down information is not displaying in my repeating group but all other fields do go over to the repeating group.
Below are the set ups, what am i doing wrong why is only the drop downs not populating.
Below are the settings i have on the dropdown for the input form.

I have then done a workflow of the below when add new site button is pressed:

I then have anothe rpop up to display this information and whenever i edit any other item in the pop up it resets the values of the drop downs and do not show in the repeating group. I have to open the pop up and manually select the fields in pop up myself. These save until i then edit other values in the pop up.

The item within the pop up is light in colour unless i go into the drop down and select it and the text then goes black:

Your help will be appreciated

I have resolved this by removing the drop down from wiorkflow when the site details pop up is presented. They are now on their own workflow so that the data within the drop downs is only changed when when the data within that drop down is changed.

So in simple terms. If information is not changed within the drop down then there will be no update for that drop down saved.

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