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Hi there, I’m trying to create an app where I have six different drop-down values, and each time I choose something from any drop-down, it populates in the repeating group until I choose to clear the repeating group.

Problem being, right now, the repeating group is already populated when I run the app with everything I have in the dropdowns, so I’m sure I have something wrong with my structure. Any guidance here will certainly be appreciated!

Thank you!

You can leave the initial Data Source empty, that should keep it empty until it’s told to show something.

So then I would tell the application that whenever one of the dropdowns is changed, to add it to the repeating group?

How are you doing it now?

That’s kind of where I’m stuck. I’m not sure how to get the values that I choose in the dropdowns to populate in the list

Oh, ok. That’s a different problem then. I’ll take a look when I have a few minutes.

Thank you! Been racking my brain trying to figure it out. It can’t be that complicated, and I think I’ just overthinking it.

Hi Tony,

I haven’t opened your link (I’m on mobile) but I think you want to set the Type of the RG to text, and the source to the value of a custom state list.

Workflow: when dropdown is changed > set state: choose element to hold state, create state, name it “selections”, type text, check list > value of state = element’s selections :plus item this dropdown’s value

The text in the RG would be “current cell’s text”

To clear, set the same state but leave the value blank.

So what you’re doing is creating a temporary list. Every time you make a dropdown selection, it adds that selection to the list.

If I’m misunderstanding and you’re working with a list field in your database, similar principles apply, but instead of set state, you’ll make a change to Thing and change the value of the list field: “[field] add dropdown 's value.” The RG here would be whatever type the Thing is and source would be a Thing’s list field. To clear, use “clear list” in the make a change action.

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This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

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