Dropdown with database values & other option

Hi there i want to pupulate a dropdown with an API with brands and their model of a product. now a user need to select his product but is its not in the list he should be able to select “other”. is there a way to do this without adding it to the database?

because otherwise i need to add for each brand a value “other”. manually. that is not sustainable.


A few ways….

One is to simply add an Other item to the Database (you don’t need to add one for every category… I don’t know why you think that).

Another is to use Text as the content type for the drop-down.

Another is to use some JavaScript to change the ‘empty’ value from blank to ‘Other’ (although that might not be what you’re trying to do here)

Hi there, because I have 2 dropdowns. the first to select the brand the second one for selecting the model. and i do not want to add “other” as value for a model vor each brand.

i tough if a could say brand : dropdown brand inverter’s value’s brand or “other” then it should be fine, but i cant make that selection.

Solved it byt putting the source on text.

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