Dropdown with Number range with autobinding

I have a dropdown. The user will pick a number from a range of numbers (let’s say a score of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). I want to use autobinding so the user can update their selection at any time and this simultaneously updates in the database.

My thing is called Results and my field in my thing is Scores.

My confusion is multifold:

A.) Can the thing you update be different from the thing (or option set) that is the list of Scores? For example, can I have a thing “Range of Scores” that has a field with records 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then this serves as the list for my dropdown but then what is updated is the field Scores in my Results thing?
B.) I don’t understand what I put in each part of the form. Here are all the things where I have no idea what to enter:

1.) Choice Style
2.) Type of Choices
3.) Choices Source
4.) Option Caption
5.) Fields to Modify

You want to modify parent group’s Result’s Score?

Choice Style: Dynamic choices
Type of Choices: Score
Choices Source: Do a search for Score
Option Caption: Current option’s [the number field of Score?]
Fields to Modify: [field name for your Result’s Score]

Score is a field in Results. At this point, let’s say I just have one Thing, that thing is Results.

Yea that should work what I described then, whatever Result you are looking at just have the dropdown autobound to the Score

Not sure I follow. Is this correct?

Choice Style: Dynamic choices
Type of Choices: Score
Choices Source: Do a search for Score
Option Caption: Current option’s Score?
Fields to Modify: Score

How do I get the drop down populated with my list of numbers I want to present to the user to select from (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)?

Where is your list of Numbers?

Don’t have one. So it sounds like I need one, right? It’s always the same set of values. What should I do?

Make the damn list perhaps?

Well you could create an Option set of numbers (especially if you’re going to use it elsewhere)…

Or, just use a static list of numbers in the dropdown…

Sounds like Score has a field list of numbers, or one number?

Yeah. Sounds obvious. But one would assume if that is the case, the form in Bubble would have somewhere that is clear where this goes and use words in English that make sense. And, gasp, the reference material would explain that this is where you connect the dropdown to the list of information that will populate the dropdown with its values.

So at this point, I have no idea where in the form I’m to complete to give it the list of values. One would expect the form to have words that make it clear where this might be, but Bubble speak doesn’t work with my brain. Java, even VBA makes sense to me. Bubble, not so much.

It has scores entered by a user. Those scores might not be all the scores I want in the dropdown.

When you set it to Dynamic the option to enter values goes away.

When you set it to Dynamic the option to enter values goes away.

So set it to static (like I said)

You can’t seriously be telling me you don’t know how to do this at this point. You could make a thing that contains this list of numbers, you could make an option that contains this list of numbers or you could dynamically generate this list of numbers using any number of different plugins.

I understand how to create a list of numbers. What is not clear is in the form, what part is where I point to that list?

None of these words appear to clearly be that:

Choice Style:
Type of Choices
Choices Source
Option Caption
Fields to Modify

Choice Source seems the most obvious. But this begs the question, why would I ever need to enter anything in Type of Choices (as that is determined by the Choice Source). Bubble speak makes no sense to me.

When I do that the fields in my source that are numbers don’t show up when I need to point to that field in the form.

I know this sounds simple, and it should be. The problem is, as is demonstrated by folks guessing at what should be done (and these are reasonable guesses, which I’ve already tried) are not what the actual experience is on the form.

Try to replicate this and you will see.

What do you mean by the ‘fields in your source that are numbers’? I can’t quite follow what you mean there?..

I want my dropdown to have a list of numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that the user selects as a score. Then that value selected in the drop down should update a record in a table (table is named Results) with a field named “Score.”

I also want this value then binded to that record so the user could change their score. As some background, the records already exist in Results before the user ever even goes on my site (long story, just trust that’s the way it is). The field “Scores” is empty for all records by default.