Dropdown won't update Live version data

I’ve got a DropDown on my ContactsEdit PopUp that shows a Contact’s PreferredSupplier. If a User wants to change the value in that field they simply choose a different supplier from the list and hit the save button which “Makes Changes to a thing” and updates the field for that record in the Contacts table. It works fine but only in Dev mode.

I’ve seen the solution to this issue in other posts on this forum is to copy data across from the Dev database to the Live database. Having deployed to Live, shouldn’t the workflow that runs on the Save button Make Changes to the Thing in the Live database?
Copying data from Dev to Live, by my understanding, shouldn’t solve this and as my Dev database contains fictional data, I don’t want it in the live db.

It’s rather urgent as the app is live and I’m currently ahead of Users in having spotted this so if I can resolve it before anyone flags it I’ll be very grateful.


Use the step-by-step debugger to work out why a Dropdown’s value isn’t being saved to the Contact. I’d guess it’s because the Contact is actually empty…

Thanks George. I really appreciate you looking at this. I did do what you suggest prior to posting and it looked like it was working fine but having deployed it to live it simply wasn’t updating the field. I think I’ve found a solution by enabling Autobinding on the DD which seems like it’s working but this hasn’t clicked 100% in my mind as a neat way of doing it…