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Hi, I’m new to this so apologies if this is obvious. I haven’t quite found the answer I’m looking for searching the forum so far.

I have a repeating group which contains some exam details. I would like to implement a popup that allows the user to edit the details. When the user clicks the edit icon, I’m expecting the popup to display fields pre-populated with values matching the selected repeating group item.

I’m struggling to understand how to do this for dropdowns. I think that I need to send Exams to the popup, but the Default value appears to require the list from CT_ExamTypes. What’s the trick here?

App copy: sup-gpexam | Bubble Editor


which popup are you trying to open when changing a dropdown value? the edit popup? And what data needs to be displayed where exactly?

I see what you’re trying to do. Your question evolves more around the data structure. I would suggest connecting the type and phase Things to the Exam thing. That way you can refer to those connected things easier.

I made a change in the app that will show this.

The action sequence I’m trying to get is:

  • From exam list, click edit (pencil) icon
  • Popup ‘Edit Exam’ appears
  • Dropdown ‘Exam Type’ becomes populated with the Exam Type for the value selected in the repeating group

Instead of storing Type nd Phase as text, they should be stored as things of that type on the Exam. I made the change for Type so you can have a look and see what I’ve done.

This makes things a lot easier to manage!

Ah, thanks for insight Vincent! Now I understand why this was originally difficult.

For anybody reading this in future, the Exam Type was modified from text to CT_ExamType (my list of predefined values), and the Default value field for the Dropdown was set to Parent Group Exam’s Exam.type

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