Droppable Group - Debug - Make changes to a thing

Hi all - I’m using droppable groups and drop areas for the first time and would love a bit of help on this configuration please!

Data structure:

  • I have two data types, Contact and Deal
  • Deal has a field ‘contact’ which is a list of Contacts.
  • This means I can relate contacts to deals by adding them to this field

In this example, there are two repeating groups. Contacts on the left, Deals on the right.

I’d like to be able to drag the dark grey contact into the light grey drop area in the deals RG. This will trigger a workflow to add that contact to the deal’s ‘contact’ field.

Here’s what I have so far… can anyone see where I’m going wrong? When I drop the contact, the loading bar takes roughly 30 seconds and then throws an error message.

Here’s the WF config:

And the error message:

Here is the config of the draggable element:

And of the drop area:

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
Thanks very much!


For anyone who’s struggling with a similar thing in the future, my error was in the workflow.

I should have made the contact to add ‘This workflow’s contact’ - where I had ‘this drop area’s contact’.

Hope that helps someone else!

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