Drops Media, a PR service for startups using AI - built on Bubble

Hey guys!

I just launched Drops Media the other day, a PR service for startups. Almost entirely built on Bubble!

Made to create affordable PR and digital marketing plans for startups and entrepreneurs that don’t have the capital just yet for a full service agency. Plans start at just $399 (AUD) a month.

It’s just a basic landing page on the front (actually one of the templates, if I’m honest - I’m a horrible designer!). But in the backend and my admin dashboard I’ve built a few cool things.

For one - I’ve trained a bunch of machine learning models to be able to write press releases for me based on the basic unstructured texts clients input in the dashboard.

I’ve then created an API to be able to feed this into a Bubble built front end. Also used some Google language processing to give article sentiment, salience to clients too.

At the moment, the model is still training a bit, so it spits out about 70% of the quality I want naturally, and then I’ll edit the content to be to my standards after that. But it’ll get there after it gets trained more!

My background is i’m a former tech journalist for Business Insider and News Corp, so this stuff is close to home.

Also just a massive thank you to @emmanuel and the team. Before Bubble, creating something like this would never have even felt possible for me.

Let me know what you think!


Well done mate!

Would be interesting to see, once you have it, a case study, sample releases, a video or tour of the way it works etc.

Best of luck!


I’ll definitely get something like that up in the next week or two to show the community how it works in more detail.