Dropsource App with Bubble API to create 2 related Things in the Database

Hi guys

I have been struggling for a few days now to find the information I need and am finally asking a question in the forum. Apologies if there are resources available already, I am just new to this and I fear I don’t know the terminology to got results in Google.

I am creating an app within Dropsource and have followed the Integrate with Bubble tutorial to create users and have them Signup/Login.

Within Bubble, I have created the Data types, setup permissions and have successfully written to the tables as a User from the Dropsource App.

My App will allow the user to create a Pin (Long press on Mapview) and then save it to a Map to refer to it later (a Map will be a collection of Pins). Within the App I can create the Pin and write it to the table in Bubble and I can create a Map too. I am now at the stage of linking the two Objects and this is where I am stuck.

All examples I have seen regarding Object/Thing relationships have been within the Bubble app interface and its own Workflows and does not delve into the API workflows (are they even different?).

The next step in my App is to allow the Pin to be assigned to a Map (or multiple Maps) as part of the Pin creation. I call in the dynamic list of Maps for the user to pick, I just need to actually make the link on Pin creation. A Pin can exist on many maps and a Map will contain many different Pins.

Two sticking points for me are:

  1. How do I create the Pin, get the ID and then place it in the Map objects “Pin” list field?
    (This field is of the “Pin” Data type and is a list).
  2. How do I have the Pin then have a list of maps it appears on in the “Maps” field?
    (This field is of the “Map” Data type and is a list).

Should I be using API calls from the Dropsource App to link the Map in the moment the Pin is written to the Bubble Database (using API calls and events) or should I be using a Bubble API Workflow to process it on this side. Currently, I have not ventured beyond the 2 Initial API workflows I had created as part of the tutorial (Signup and Login).

I have a Swagger file that was generated that has automatically created Endpoints from the Data Types I have created. Perhaps this needs to be refined with Workflows to get what I need?

Many thanks,


Hey Ollie!
I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you, instead I actually have a question. I am doing something very similar in regards to using Bubble as a backend for my Dropsource app. What I want to know is if you had to write an API spec file, or were you able to use the “detect request data” in the endpoint creator in Bubble? I was trying to get around creating an API spec file, but I’m starting to think that is impossible. Thank you and I hope someone can answer your question!


Hi Travis

No worries! I had spent weeks trying to generate a swagger file and it actually put me off for a while as I just wanted to get to the idea I had.

In the end, I followed this tutorial and it got me to where I needed: https://help.dropsource.com/docs/documentation/integrating-with-dropsource/api-tools/connect-your-app-to-bubble/

I haven’t gone beyond the Login and Signup workflows in Bubble. After doing the steps in the tutorial with privacy and exposing the API - I looked at my API link and it was formatted for me correctly!

(Just amend the app name)

Hope this helps