Due Dates based on Dropdown value

Hello fellow Bubblers.

I am trying to setup a due date based on a drop down value

I have a dropdown with status numbers 1 through 31. Each number represents a date (e.g. 1 = 1st of month, 2 = 2nd of month etc…)

when a user chooses “1” from the dropdown, I want to setup a task to send an email to the user a Payment Reminder on the 1st of every month.



I am assuming you are storing the day on which a user needs to be sent a reminder in the database. So you can convert the number to a date. For eg. if a user selects 1 from the dropdown, on save you store the current date change day to ‘1’ (the value of the dropdown) This will save the date for a particular month.

Alternatively, you can define the day as a an input to the API that will trigger the email. So the API checks for all the users which have selected 1 as the date, and then send an email to those users. This might be a more effective approach if you aren’t concerned about saving the date in the database but only the day on which an email is to be sent.

Hope this helps.



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