Dump Repeating Group data including all elements as a JSON payload to an endpoint

Is it possible to access the data structure of a Repeating Group and place the entirety of it into a payload to send to an API endpoint?

I’ve been able to do this for the data values that are loaded into the RG at load (each item’s value), but if I have say inputs in each RG item, I don’t seem to be able to access the input values within a workflow.

The only way I’ve been able to achieve some success with this is to add an input’s value to a custom state whenever that specific input in the RG is updated, but this causes other issues.

Thanks for any help on this topic.

Orchestra would work nicely for this. You could iterate over each row and grab values. . Bubble Helper Toolkit plugin has a RG data extraction tool. Could also be useful here.

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The Bubble Helper Toolkit did exactly what I need it to do.

Thank @jared.gibb for the response

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@jared.gibb . It appears that I am unable to send the contents of text elements within each RG to the ReceiveData element, even though I am able to select them in the TransmitData element. Is this expected behaviour?

Nope. Share a minimal example can I can check it out.

I use it for this exact case often. I can loook into the issue.

Thanks for the response.

Here’s my Output Text field in my RG. I use conditions to set the text value :

Here’s my TransmitData config in the RG :

Here’s my ReceiveData config outside of the RG :

I’ve created a text element outside of the RG to display the data contained in ReceiveData A’s column2 list, to see what data is being populated :

When I preview my app, I can see the data being populated into the Output Text field, however the ReceiveData A’s column2 list remains empty :

Thanks again for looking at this.

@jared.gibb I’ve been able to solve my issue by changing my text element field to an input field, using the Initial Content capability of the Input Field and then sending the input field’s value via the Transmit Data element.

It’s very strange that we don’t appear to get access to a text field’s data anywhere in Bubble except in the display of that text field, and I suspect that the Bubble Helper Toolkit is also hampered by this limitation, however just very glad that I was able to solve it using an Input field, and of course your amazing plugin.

Thank you.

Sorry! That’s right. Text = no. Inputs are the special sauce here!!

Sorry for being confusing about that!

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