Dungyn (For the Nerds)

Hello! I thought I would share the progress of a super nerdy app I’m developing.

Here’s a little bit of backstory:
I started playing dungeons and dragons with some friends a while back, and I don’t know if you know much about it, but there is lots of paper, pencils, and math involved. I had installed every app I could find for keeping track of all the things you needed to, and some were better than others, but I ran into several problems I couldn’t find a solution to.

Problem #1
Custom characters only existed on the device they were created on. So we (the players) didn’t have access to each others information, like health and conditions (“knocked down” for example).

Problem #2
You couldn’t see everyone’s health all at the same time. Which is an important thing to know for picking a target for example. You generally want to go for the one with the lowest health.

Problem #3
There was still too much combat math involved for my liking.

So my solution was to create an app where you could create a campaign (a world with a story where the game takes place) and invite players to that campaign, each of which have created a character. So now you have a campaign with players and characters in it. You can then create something called an “encounter” which is an instance where the players come across a monster. That encounter is a list of characters, both the players and the monsters. That is displayed in the “combat” window. You can see every character’s health, temporary health, combat status (“injured” for example) and conditions.
Because bubble is live updating, the health bars move in real time, and I’ve even added sound effects!

If you read this all the way through you are a saint. Thank you so much. I know for people unfamiliar with the game this may not make much sense, but I hope they can still appreciate the design aspect.

I am a super nerd and got frustrated with keeping track of the game (dungeons and dragons) with pencils and paper and being confused as to who’s stats are what so I created (am still creating) an app where every player can see the same information all at once in real time that also does the math of combat for you.

Anyways, I will keep this thread updated with my progress and eventually post the link so you can check it out when it’s finished.


That looks great! Nice work. If u want testers for this, note that Stackexchange has very active RPG groups full of folks that would love this.

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Nice project man. For the nerds!

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This is cool, I wouldn’t mind seeing more projects from the community here. It kinda shows you what’s capable, and opens up more discussions for how-to’s, improvements, etc…


Cool, and the UX looks hawt :slight_smile:

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Very well done. Look forward to hearing updates as you continue development, testing and launch!

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@keith Thank you! and I will definitely take note of that.

@JonL Thank you!

@andrew6 I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s all well and good to see paid plugins and such being announced, but I’m very interested in seeing what other people are using the platform to create.

@petter Thank you! I am working very hard to keep the ux as clean and simple as possible despite having a lot of information to display.

@dan1 Thank you so much! I will keep this thread updated, I am very excited and am still working on slowing down and doing more planning so that I can finish it in a timely and effective fashion, but I will get there!

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Just came across this and just had to check it out (because D&D ofc)
Looks really cool!

Would love to try it with my D&D group.