Duplicate a record in the database by varying only one specific field.

Hello everyone.
I am new using bubble and I am new in all this of the development of applications so it is possible that I walk a while here. I beg your patience. A few days ago I bought a template with the intention of modifying some things and something I have achieved, but there is a particular pitfall that does not let me move forward. The issue is: the staff of which I speak is responsible for connecting the claimants of a service with the providers of that service in a certain place and time. The problem I have is that, if the service providers offer more than one modality of these, for example: plumbing and electricity, they have to have a user profile for one and another user profile for another, the disadvantages that this brings . I thought that the solution would be something like the user platform allowing several subcategories to be included in the profile and not just one, duplicating the record in the database and changing only the subcategory field. But I can’t find a way to do this. Please, if someone could lend me a hand, provide a different idea of ​​doing anything, I would appreciate it. Greetings.

You don’t need to have separate user profiles for the duality of modals…you can just have a yes/no data field on the user data type

Is_plumber = yes
Is_electrician = yes
Is_hairdresser = no

etc. etc.

Until you have all the different functions a single user may be able to perform…then you just reference the one user data type and the yes/no condition of importance.