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Duplicate a thing

Is it possible to duplicate a thing? e.g. “Notification” is created with simple fields (title, body text, image) created by user A. User b is given access to repost the notification and permission to edit the (body text) only. Best I can figure is to create a new thing, a “Notification” and copy all of the data which is a lot more than 3 fields and store the new (body text) created by user b. So now there are 2 notifications all things the same other than (body text, creator, creation date, unique id. lol).
So, rather than title = current cell’s notification’s title, image = current cell’s notifications image, body text = multiline body text input field’s value… can we copy the thing, create a new thing and update one value?

Hey @serviluvapp :wave:

That’s a good question. I hope this little trick can help.

What I have seen is to use copy a list of things, then search for the unique id of the element that you need to copy. That would make it where you are copying a list of things that is, in reality, one item. Does that make sense?

Then the next step would be make changes to a list of things. Then you would do your modifications there.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I would just make a new thing. You only need to create the workflow once, and it keeps your options open.

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hmmmm… Reading it makes sense, yes. Am I able to do it? haha. I think I see where you’re pointing me there. Thank you and I’ll try it. Turns out there are several places this would be useful. THANK YOU!

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Happy to help. :blush:

If you can’t figure it out, no worries. I can try to set up an example workflow and send you a link on Monday.

Heck yeah that would be cool @J805 ! Been at this since January of '21. Feel like mentally learning bubble has been the same cycle as an investment. Euphoria and confidence to dismay and exhaustion right back to the former. I love it!


Hey @serviluvapp :wave:

Here is the example you can look at:

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This just copies the one thing and allows you to make changes to it too. Hope that helps a bit! :blush:

I’ll take a peek in the morning. Thanks for the follow up, follow through!

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No worries! :blush: