Duplicate data entries

Hi all, hoping to find some help regarding stopping duplicate entries when a new user joins.

Here’s the issue.

So when a user sign’s up they’re required to enter a 5 digit code. I’ve created the data field in users Type, what i’m trying to stop is another user being able to enter the same number when they sign up.

If anyone can help i’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance


If you are storing the 5 digit code used by a user when their account is created, then during your new sign-up workflow do a search to see if a user already exists with that code. If yes, terminate the workflow and notify the user that the code has already been used.

Thanks for reply firstly…

Yeah I’m not sure how to do that. I’ve looked online and all these forums and set the ‘when submit button is pressed’ with 'only when /
“user / 5 digit code = 5digit code inputs value”:confused: do a search for 5 digit input value/ count is 0

That didn’t seem to work.
I also set an alert to say this code has already been used
But it still registers a new user in the app data with the same code

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