Duplicate group element at different places in Element tree

If you look at the elements tree in the screenshot you will see 2 copies of a Group_Event_edit. One is in Group Event along with it’s sibling Group_Event_list. This is where it should be. There is a second Group_Event_edit on the Page surname_events. This is a duplicate and should not be there. I don’t believe this second one is a duplicate group but actually a duplicate pointer to the group that is on the Page surname_event. If I change an attribute on the property page of one copy the other copy will have the same change. Also if I click on the group in the editor, both versions in the Elements tree are hi-lighted. I am sure if I delete the incorrect one the correct one will also be deleted. How can I remove the incorrect pointer?

How I got by this problem:
I copied and pasted with workflow the Group_Event_edit that was within the Group_Event such that the copy was also in the Group_Event. This gave me an actual copy of the group with a different name (“Group_Event_edit copy”) and not just a pointer to the group. I then deleted the group that was on the page and the one in the Group_Event was also deleted.

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