Duplicate value inside repeating group. How to treat this issue?

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to using Bubble and I could figured a lot of my issue thanks to the responses here. I have found topics that’s seems to resolve my problem but I could not understand how to apply the answers given.

I have a repeating group with job offers. Inside, I have another repeating group where I have added buttons (in order to show “tags”).
However, the tag repeating group is showing all the tag from all the data entry and not the one specific to the job offers.

Data comes from a sinfle table “offer” which include the skills (tag), salary, localisation etc…

For example in my data:
Job offer 1 skills : Agility, Creativity
Job offer 2 skills: Communication, Organisation

In Preview mode:
Job offer 1 skills: Agility, Creativity, Communication, Organisation
Job offer 2 skills: Agility, Creativity, Communication, Organisation

Thank you for your reading and help. I think I canno’t post images yet to illustrate the issue