Duplicating a group of fields

I have a text field that is a header description for displaying input (Topic 1). The input is entered in a popup window after clicking a plus icon. The data is saved and displayed in a repeating group container.


I would like the user to be able to click a “master” plus button and it would create a second group of the above fields to use for the next topic. The user should have the ability to have endless new fields to add and customize.

How can I create a workflow upon clicking the “master” plus button that will populate all the fields for the user to enter and display with a new variable for that field?

For this you need to set up a nested structure, let’s say the biggest group in your design is the “mother” and the topic groups are the “sons”

  1. you need to set up your database objects to make the “son” contain a list of texts, and the “mother” contain a list of “sons”. like this:

  1. then you need to create the workflows for the “plus icons”, the smallest plus icon inside the topic workflow is easy, you just input the text, and then you add that text to the list of texts of that topic.

  2. The workflow for the biggest plus icon will firstly create a “son” object, and then add that son to the list of sons of the “mother”.

  1. Then when crafting the design part and retrieve of values, you use a repeating group to display the “sons” of the mother, and of course an inside repeating group inside the “son” group to display the list of texts that he owns.

*This was the final result:


hope it helps, Happy Holidays!

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That looks wonderful! Happy holidays to you as well!

Thanks for your help with this topic. I am afraid I am not completely following along on the first two steps and would just like to verify before trying to go further.

From Step 1, create two data types “Mother” and “Son”. The Mother type has a field Sons which is a list of Sons. And I am guessing the Son type has a field Son, list of texts? (Images attached)

From Step 2, I am struggling with the smaller plus icon inside the topic workflow. You mentioned “you just input the text, and then you add that text to the list of texts of that topic.” I am not completely sure how I do that. I am guessing I draw an input form and repeating group for the list of Son topics first. I believe I would also draw a text field inside the RG to display from the input field. I am struggling with the details of this step a little bit. For these fields, What would be the type of content and data source for this RG? Also what would be in the appearance of the text field?

Would you mind sharing a screen shot of the work flow of the smaller plus icon?

Thank you for your help bringing me up to speed on the first two steps! It is greatly appreciated.

@InstantStartUp Would you have a minute to help explain the above? Thank you for the help!

Can I see the workflow for only the mother group? I was wondering if I could use this with a set of dropdowns too.