Duplicating a list of more than 100 things?

I am building a scheduling app and need to find a way to duplicate a list of dates worked. Currently my list of dates is above the 100 limit on copy a list. The reason I need to copy more than 100 is because my client needs to to be able to duplicate their entire calendar periodically. Is there anyway to achieve this in bubble?

What you’re describing is certainly possible within Bubble.

As is the case in any app, something can either happen right in front of the user (on the current page where there is an expectation of immediacy) or it can happen behind the scenes (as an API event, where a bit of lag is OK).

The reason Bubble places this restriction is for system health. Processing too many entries on the page can take up a lot of resources/make for a poor user experience. But, if it is done in the background, much larger, resource intensive, processes can be done.

If you’d like to book some time with me, happy to walk you through how to set this up.

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