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Duplicating multiple data types and keeping their connection


I’ve found the first problem I can’t read or test my way through (yay). I’ll try my best to explain it.

Basically, I have a number of data types that are connected to each other (linked through child/parent fields). The datatypes are structured as follows (D = datatype):

D1, D2, D3…
Children of D1 are: D1a, D1b, D1c, … (max 9)
Children of D1a are: D1ax, D1ay, D1az, … (max 9)

What I would like to achieve is: Copying a complete data structure (row 1-3), and have the new data connect to each other in the same way as the original data did.

Example (copied data is marked with “(c)”): after copying, the new D1ax(c) is connected to parent, the new D1a(c), NOT the original D1a.

Is there any method to achieve this result? Manually copying and connecting using multiple workflows quickly requires too many workflows to be feasible.

Would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations of bubble wizards that might know of a solution!