Duration of a image being displayed

Hello all,

I am trying to make it so a photo that a user uploads has a duration (so can be viewed) for 12 hours, and then later deletes itself. I already got a workflow for it to be posted, however when I go to the ‘only when’ section there’s not option for duration or time or anything like that.

Heres the basic workflow I want it to become:

User posts photo - Photo is uploaded - 12 hours goes - photo is gone

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A normal workflow needs to be run or prompted by a browser. you want to use ‘schedule a workflow’ which will run by the server. There can be a delay of no more than a few mins I believe if bubble is busy, but it wont run to early.

so: when new photo is created, scheduled a workflow - photo created date + 12 hours - delete photo.