Duration Time Calculation


I have two problem

How to show real-time duration?
For example,
User check in and start his training session and I want to show his training time in real-time.
How can I do that?

check out time - check in time and how to show the format in hours : minutes : second.
Currently show the duration result in (for example, it show 7.5 hours for 7:30 hours)
How can I do that.

Please help


For number 1, are you trying to just create a stop watch on screen?

For 2:
Check out - check in: formatted as seconds and then you plug that into a plugin that does seconds to time conversion. There are a bunch of them.

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Thank for No.2

No.1 is correct what you say.
I want like stop watch. Then my customer can know the real time on my service.

I install this one and it is work what I want to see.

For No. 1 you can do this with “do every 1 second” event but its way better to just use a stopwatch plugin. Bunch of free ones

Thank @paul29

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