During Signup, wanting to pull a value from another table

Hi All,
This should be fairly straightforward but I cannot get it to work. When I am signing up a user, I am asking them for an Invitation Code. This code should then check a table called Subscription and locate the Subscription that uses that invitation code. But I am unsuccessful. I have attached 2 screenshots which I hope clarify what I am trying to do. Basically, I am trying to assign the subscription name from the Subscription Table.

I did a search on the Subscription table looking for the invitation code.
Invitation Code =Input Invitation Code’s value
I thought that would be sufficient, but I was getting an error (code in red), so I added the value “:first element” and it accepted it, but no value was returned in my Subscription Name field.

I hope I explained that clearly. Thank you for your help. Charlie

You need to specify an individual subscription (not a list of subscriptions), so just add First Item to the end of the expression,

Thanks Adam, I did try that (I said first element but meant first item). However, let me delete it all and try again with First Item. And thank you for the quick reply.

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It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. By chance I noticed the privacy on the table was private… lightbulb. It’s working now once I made it publicly visible. I’ll have to change that, but now is probably a good time to learn about privacy/security. Thanks again.