Dwolla API integration

Hello Bubblers,
I am trying to integrate Dwolla API on bubble. I am pretty sure that I am doing the correct things as per the documentation requirement but I keep getting the error below:

There was an issue setting up your call.
The API call returns an empty body and you picked JSON. Please check.

It does not initialize but on my Dwolla platform, i get the required response but I need the call to initialize so that I can apply it on my bubble workflow. Pls I need Help!

Got any more details? Pics of the setup?

This is screenshot of the set up from documentation

You didn’t throw content-type and accept into the header

Oh I did… see attached

Infact, the calls works cos I get the required response on my Dwolla account, the problem is that, it does not initialize.

Can you see the raw response to the request you have constructed?

Thanks for your responses, I really appreciate taking the time.
I finally got it to initialize by clicking the check boxes below:

Screenshot 2023-05-07 144349 calls solution

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