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Dynamic and responsive header

I want to make a header that is responsive, and changes the content based on loged in or loged out state for the user.

On desktop I want it like this when loged out

And loged in like this

And on mobile loged out

Mobile loged in

The different elements are blocking eachother to stay in the correct position that I want. I have the elements not visible when user is loged in etc. And remove the element when the page is less than 640px but it still seems like the element is there, just hidden and not collapsed as i want

How can I solve this?

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1 Word: Frames :framed_picture:


okey, I’ll try it

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hey @jared.gibb I actually have the same issue as @anders.lund but didn’t find a solution on Frames yet. On the contrary, I actually had the impression that when it comes down to mobile size, the frames headers look quite poor on my app - or did I do anything wrong in the settings? It would be great if it worked together with plugins such as Slidebar Menu.

Any ideas here?

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Dynamic headers with menu icons coming very soon @hesseling.simon

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oh very nice @jameore , can’t wait! for someone who’s just getting started with bubble & no-code the responsiveness can be really frustrating at times :sweat_smile: so thank you for putting something like this together. much appreciated & greetings from Berlin.

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Thanks mate, just continue down your page and we’ll get some new headers baked in for next week. Keep an eye our our thread for active updates > lots being developed and shipped atm.

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Did you find a solution to this issue?