Dynamic API set up

I´ve been on Bubble for a long time but setting up APIs is new to me. I´ve managed to GET som list of stuffs from my provider with an API. But I can´t get the following thing right.

I know how to GET the list of businessunits but how do i GET a list of groupactivities on a sertain unit? I´ve read smiliar questions here on the forum but can´t get this right, How do I make the /businessUnit/ dynamic and change the value dependant on what unit I´ve clicked on in a list of businessunits?

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Just make sure you DON’T mark the field you’d like to dynamically change (URL, a parameter, body of the JSON, etc.) as private. When you run a call via a workflow or dynamic field, it will allow you to change any value you specify in the API connector (the values you specific in the connector can be changed at any time dynamically).

Extra tip: If you haven’t already, try using POSTMAN to create your API call, and then transfer into the Bubble Connector when everything is working as you’d like.

Enter the endpoint like this: BRP_HOST_URL/api/ver3/businessunits/[businessUnit]/groupactivities

When you put something in [ ], it’ll turn that into a dynamic parameter - a new field will appear. Then you can enter a value in that field to initialize. Uncheck “private” to make the parameter available/dynamic in your app.


Thanks alot for your fast help! Away from the computer right now but this looks like it will do it. I think I’ve missed uncheck “Private”. I’ll try it asap. Thanks!

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This may not be the place to post this question and if so I apologise BUT this thread comes up every time I search on this topic.
Is it at all possibly to have private dynamic data for an API call? I have data that I want to post that is different for each user but don’t want it to be visible in the browser. We already have the private option for parameters - surely it should be possible to insert dynamic data?
It is possible that I am missing something about what is and is not visible in the browser? I don’t fully understand what are built as backend components and what are frontend and therefore feel really insecure about what data I am exposing to my users.

Hi romanmg,
the way you have said i have mentioned in URL and it creating new field. But then how to set the value for that. First do we have to set any default value and then it will change dynamically? Also could you please help me in saving the token getting from API response globaly. So that i can access it later on.