Dynamic but fixed element height

I know, the name of the topic is a bit confusing :slight_smile: Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

There is an group that holds an RG, that can be of various height. So naturally I have a minimum height set and ‘fit height to content’ ticked.

Is there any way to make that dynamic height only change in steps - ie if the RG height is < 1000px, the group height is 1000px, <2000px the group height is 2000px, etc?

Yes via condition

But the condition only lets me set max height, not a fixed height. Therefore if the RG is, say, 1500px, that’s what the height of the element will be, not 2000, isn’t it?

If you want a fix height as a conditional property then you’ll have to set the element’s height to “fixed” in the layout tab first. Then it will be available as a conditional property.

If you want to maintain responsiveness but then apply a condition that will “fix” the height, just set both min and max height to the same value. It’s the same as fixed height.

You can set the min and max height to be the same in the condition. That way it behaves as if it’s a fixed height itself.

Just what the doctor ordered, thanks :slight_smile: )

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