Dynamic calculations in RG or table that can be sorted

Hi all,

I hope some of you will be able to help me out. Otherwise I am afraid my bubble journey ends :unamused:

The basic requirements are:

  • Allow for user specific calculation of EV charging costs
  • Combine data from multiple data types
  • Visualise in a repeating group or table
  • Be able to sort on the dynamic calculated values (i.e. no field in DB)

I have tried multiple different solutions but none of them seems to be able to allow all of the needed functionality. Below is an overview of where the solutions miss out (at least as far as I know):

I have not tried to setup a solution where the calculations are stored to the DB as I would think it would be too massive amount of data to save as the number of different charging solutions is over 50 and will only increase in time. I believe it would require a record for each unique combination of each user/charging solution. However, if this is actually a viable solution please let me know the the best approach of creating such combinations dynamically as it would immediately allow me to use a RG with normal sorting functionality.

I have tried to describe below how the setup and the expected outcome is. There are more complex calculations being done in the final product but this should show the basic needs.

Thanks for any help you are able to provide.

All the best

@BubbleSam do you think your plugin “Advanced Dynamic Table Grid / Excel” will be able to solve this use case?

I would wonder if list shifter would be a good use case here? I think I’ve seen some threads on sorting with this plugin deep in the forum history but I could be wrong.

Have you explored this option yet?

Tagging the created here for potential input: @keith

If I get some gumption up, I have a plug-in that might be helpful for this eventually. At the current time I can output my CSV from a repeating group based on any calculated field. To be able to get it to a CSV file that I can download I first put the repeating group into a JSON object . I imagine if I can put it into a Jason I can sort by any field in the JSON body and then output the source of data into a data type/exposed state that could be accessed by another repeating group. If this sounds like something you’re interested in give me a DM as the plugin is still private and in testing but sounds like a good use case.

Thanks for your helpful reply Jared!

I haven’t tried the List shifter plugin. Maybe I should do that.

It does sound like your plugin could be a solution to the sorting requirement. I will DM you :slight_smile:

@keith do you think List shifter could be used to solve my use case? I have been proposed elsewhere that you could use something like Repeating Group Tools plugin by @gaurav to first extract the data from the RG and then use lift shifter to do the desired sorting.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.


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