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Dynamic Calendar and Performance

I want to make a reusable element in my app which is a dynamic calendar constructed without using any prebuilt calendars. This is because I want to make the calendar more personalizable and functional.
Im not going to go in-depth with how I’m planning on setting up the calendar, but I’m estimating that it will require around 300 groups whose visibility is dependant on very simple conditionals. A maximum of around 100 groups will be visible at one time. The contents of these groups are quite simple as well.
This page setup is very different than what i usually have with bubble, so i was wondering whether this is feasible to handle for bubble. I don’t expect the performance to be quick, but can bubble manage this?
Thanks for your time

Checkout my app

If you are not brought directly to the calendar page when following this link, just click the ‘demo login’ button and then in the navigation menu select calendar.

It is a fully functional clone of Google Calendar but the performance is terrible when using it for viewing months…mostly just poor performance because of the large number of groups required to make it so it is a full page completely responsive calendar.

If performance is not an issue, then yes, very possible to do…if performance is an issue you will need to really think through how to attempt to optimize.