Dynamic choisis dropdown based on database error sending to Zapier


I will have a lot fo Dropdowns in my app.
the data in the dropdown can be the samen in Dropdowns on different pages, so I want them based on a small database.

I have made a database Clients (“Klanten” in dutch), with only 1 field: the name of the client (“Klant”)
I succeeded in making the dropdown.
But there is an error occurred because in sending the data tot Zapier
The field (when the text was static) was “Dropdown klantens value”
This is now resulting in an error, I do not understand why and how to solve it…
Can somebody explain what went wrong and why?
and off course… How to solve it?

Thanks a lot for your time!

anyone who can help me?
thanks a lot!

You’re referencing the ‘Klanten’ thing instead of the ‘Klant’ text field inside the ‘Klanten’ Thing. click on the (More…) on your Zapier trigger and select the text field for the client ('s Klant).

I’m so happy now :+1:
I now can do so much nice things more :wink:

Glad to help! Good luck!