Dynamic/clickable emails

I got this email from a service called Wave and I’d like to replicate it in bubble.

Video is here for reference: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

It allows users to

  1. Be sent a survey over email.
  2. Users can click on a survey in the email. The color also changes based on the mouse hover.
  3. That information of their choice is forward to a second screen.

What’s clear to me

  1. It’s clear to me how to make a clickable element in an email.

What’s not clear to me

  1. it’s not clear to me how to make the color dynamic and change color in the email based on how the mouse hover.
  2. it’s not clear to me how to pass on the clicked information into the email, into the second screen.
  3. Lets say I didn’t want to go a second screen, it’s not clear to me how to log/store the information that was clicked on in the email.

Any thoughts?

I use a free online email template creator called Stripo - it allows you to easily create button colour changes on click/hover. I then copy/paste html in to bubble (I’m using Postmark plugin)

You can pass information you need in to the URL - for instance if you want someone to click the button and it takes them to the survey page but you want to be able to determine who they are when they get there then use a link something like this:

www.yourappdomian.com/yourpagename?user=useruniqueID (user unique ID is your dynamic data, the rest you hard key)

Then you can get their user details from the URL parameter when they click the button to the survey page…you can either just use the same page and show/hide groups as appropriate or if you need to go to another page then use the navigate to internal page workflow, send more parameters and enter user as the key, and unique ID …this will add the parameter to the end of the URL and you can grab those details to reference wherever appropriate on the page.