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Dynamic columns and rows RG

Hey everyone!

Is there anyway to have dynamic headers both horizontally and vertically?
For example, I have buyers and sellers. Rows will represent buyers and columns will represent sellers with headers being their names. Their meeting point in the table shows the number of transactions that had happened in between them.
Is it even possible to do something like this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Andrew has a video where he shows a massive table that is scrollable. Paging @AndrewV ?

@eli also had some proof of concept video where he could add and remove columns / rows in an ingenious way.

You mean like a spreadsheet? Should both column and row headers be static, or should they scroll with the content? Or does it matter?


Rows can be static as I won’t be having more than 5 buyers but columns needs to be scrolled with the content.



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