Dynamic Comparisons

Is it possible to build a search and constraints with dynamic comparisons?
Example. Cars. The user enters or selects equals to, greater than or whatever from a drop down and then enters the number of doors. The constraint then dynamically inserts the competitor, e.g. =,<>,etc.
I have a large number of fields so want to achieve this with one search.

Thank you. I do appreciate the amount of help I have been getting and as I learn more I hope to contribute back.

Thank you

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Hi @kylejsoutham :slight_smile: I don’t think this is currently possible without setting up many different conditional statements or workflows to dynamically display a search based off of the sign entered. Trying to think of other alternatives… how many filters would you like a User to be able to adjust at one time?

Was hoping may have sparked some interest in this feature :grinning:
Would be good as a dynamic option as would save lotsa effort.
Not a biggie but would be good to have < > = <= etc etc as a dynamic that could be inserted from a drop box of comparitors.
Thanks for taking the time to reply Faye.

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No problem, Kyle! :slight_smile:


I understand what you want to achieve, but maybe you can just rethink your interface? 2 search fields for each numeric value, then used as constraints in the search, should solve the case (and that’s how I did it for car buying-selling site).

Engine: min max
Year: min max
Doors: min max

Now the Search is just anything. If user puts min only - it gives all >= than. If max only - all <= than. If both - range. If same value - ==.

I think it’s quite straightforward and intuitive.

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Extremely elegant thank you. Works for me for this case.
Still would be good to have feature where multiple searches and conditions not required.
Thanks all!

I’m just wondering why people are marking posts which are not solution as a solution.
On purpose or there is an issue with bubble UX?

Nope on purpose on last one as idea helped. Must have fat thumbed the other in the early hours.

i dont think so currently possible :slightly_smiling_face:ui