Dynamic Content / Component Library

Hi Everyone, I’m new here and think this should be an easy one. I’m using a log in/sign up element from the component library. It dynamically switches from sign-up to log in and back by clicking on a link (have an account already? or need to sign-up?). All I want to do is reverse the order and have the default page view show log-in first instead of sign-up first. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much. And if there are articles/additional self-research I should do, other protocols to follow, happy to do so. Thanks.

Hi there, @jarena0970… what you described should be as simple as accessing the Layout tab of the log in group and checking the box to make it visible on page load. Then, access the sign up group and uncheck the box for that group to be visible on page load, and you should be good to go.


Thank you Mike. Done. Solved. You’re the best! I was looking for some kind of dynamic settings and even thought somewhere in the show/hide workflows it was being driven. Appreciate it!!


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