Dynamic Data If Then

I’m creating an email to let people know when they earn Creator Points, and also lets them know what they have completed and what they have left. I have everything setup, and the email client I use is Postmark. I could not get other ways to work, so I decided to use images for the checkmarks. Green for completed, and gray for not completed.

I have options setup for checkmarks, and completed has the image with green checkmark and uncompleted has the image of the gray checkmark.

I have fields which are empty if the requirement was not complete, and has a date if it is complete. I’m trying to do a dynamic data that uses if. If(rank’s Nxt_rank_done_points is not empty use option: Complete, else use option Uncomplete.

Is there a way to do this?

It seems like you are sending to Postmark the image for the checkmarks.

If that is the case, I assume you have the URL for the different check mark images you want to display.

So, in order to show the correct check mark which is dependent on some condition, you can in the field where you send the checkmark image url a conditional expression like: If ranks Nxt_rank_done_points is not empty formatted as text, then in the yes and no inputs put the appropriate image URL…I refer this method of conditionals as ‘in-line conditional formatting’

Hello Bost, thank you for the reply. This might be a dumb question, but can you just type if statements into the field? How do you need to format it, so it knows?

ranks NxT_rank_done_points is not empty formatted as text

but you can make the expression evaluate differently instead of just ‘is not empty’ such as

ranks NxT_rank_done_points is greater than 50 formatted as text

That gets one if it’s but how do I get the other option?

I need it to say if it’s empty use this image,

If it’s not use this other image.

What you suggested only seems to get me either do it or don’t. I need it to have two options.

If you actually attempt it and do it you will see the formatted as text has two options, a yes and a no value, which are two options because the concept of ‘do it or don’t’ is such that those are two values.

Think about it like this, it is either raining or not raining. Not raining is one value and Is raining is another value, which are on opposites just like ‘do it or don’t’ are opposite values just like yes and no are opposite values.

You are using only two icons, so match the icon to correct value. Icon 1 = yes, icon 2 = no

Perfect, yes I’m traveling so have not had a chance to try it. Was not aware the formatted as text gives the two options I needed. Thank you for your help. It sounds like this is what I needed.

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I’d only send the key|value to PM if it exists using @boston85719 formatted as text. Then in PM, include image / text in the email