Dynamic data misunderstanding

Why I can’t insert “Client’s name” value?

Where is the value for clients name value coming from? Is it an input field?

Input field. I guess it caused, because of different data types

Yes, that is correct. The input field will need to be of type Client to populate the new Calendar Event with a Client. Also, your Phone field in the Calendar Event can not be of type Client. It must be of type number. And then when you populate the field you will populate it with Client Thing’s Phone.

The client’s name in your data structure is defined as a type “client” not a text. You can only set it equal to a “client” type. If you change the definition to “text” in the data structure you can set it equal to a text value. In other words, in your data structure, the schema really is “clients name.Name” because the text Name field has been defined as part of the “clients name” type.

I suggest changing the data structure because it appears more complex than necessary. If you want to stick to the data structure you have, first create a custom state “temp” or something of type “client”, and then set temp’s Name to the text, and then set “clients name = temp”

TL;DR: the types on both sides of the = sign are not the same