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Dynamic Data Not displaying

I have an admin dashboard created with a button on the header that should display the First name of the Admin. The issue I am having is the button is not displaying anything after second login. The first time I register as a new user and login, I do see the button showing “Current Page Admin’s First Name”. But the second time I login, I don’t see it.

The page has a Type of Content “Admin”, with admin as custom data type I created.

Really appreciate the help here!

Make sure the workflow triggered by user log in includes an action to pass the Current User’s Admin to the data source for the page. When a page has a content type specified, you need to pass the data (either via an action during log in, or within a hard-coded default data source in the page element).

Oh ok…How would I do that? Thank you for your help!

This what I have currently:

In your “Go to Page Dashboard” action, you’ll see an option for “Data to Send”. This is where you define the Admin to send to the Dashboard page since it looks like your Dashboard page type is set to Admin.

So, in Data to Send, you can do something like Search for Admins with a constraint User = Current User… not sure how your data is set up, but does that make sense?

Attaching the screenshot of what I have current setup as:

I’m guessing here, but the “Current Page Admin” will be empty until you explicitly set it via a workflow. So you are probably passing empty data to the page, which is why the button content is empty. How are the User and Admin data types related, if at all? If you need data about the user passed to the next page, try passing “Current User…” instead of “Current Page Admin.” Alternatively, explicitly set the “Current Page Admin” value prior to redirecting to the next page.

Hey @daniel3…tried everything. This is really frustrating me now or I believe I am doing it all wrong! So the login page has been set to type of content: Admin as well. If I pass “Current User…”, I get an issue warning, since the page has been set to Admin type. Currently, there is no relation between the User and Admin data types!

Appreciate your help!

Is there a reason you have Admin as a separate data type? Why not make “Admin” a yes/no field on the User?

Without a link to your editor it’s tough to venture more helpful guesses.

So basically, the idea is to see if I can build a simple user management system with Bubble. There are going to be many organizations registering (SaaS), each having their own interface. The admin will be like the Super User of the organization who can create/edit/delete other members of the organization.

What’s weird is that, whenever I register as a new user, I see my data being passed to the dashboard. But when I logout and log back in again, that info is gone!

Please let me know how I can share the editor with you @daniel3 ?

In the Settings tab, under General, change to “Everyone can View” (or “Everyone can Edit” if you want us to try and apply changes). Then in the Editor tab, grab the URL and paste here.

Here we go:

I think I have found the issue…the email and password fields are not getting validated. I entered random email and password, and I still got redirected to the dashboard. Is there a tutorial on how can I validate login data?

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