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Dynamic data only sometimes calculating in repeating group

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I have an issue where my dynamic data is not populating sometimes in my repeating group. The EXT field is a total calculation of the price. Please let me know if you have any ideas of how to fix!!

Have you used the inspect tool in the bottom right of your screen when previewing your test version? You can access it by adding “?debug_mode=true” at the end of your url. Then click on the $0.00 and you will see the blue font in the bottom debug bar that shows $0.00. Click on that and then it will show you the state of the variables that lead to that incorrect value.

But also, from your screenshots, it looks like this is not a repeating group issue but a problem wherever it is that you do the multiplication (i.e. 500 * 24.5). I bet if you check your app data for Quote Line Item you will see that the Ext field actually has a value of $0.00 in it.

Thanks for your reply! ok so it looks like the issue is with the actual price.

for some reason the price is not staying dynamic the the individual quotes. any thoughts @paul29 ?

I’m not sure I see how the issue is with the price. In your screenshot it shows “price: 500” but it shows “Ext: 0” which is why the text is showing up as $0.00. You need to look at where you set the value of the EXT field. My guess is that you have some workflow “make changes to Quote Line item” and you set the field EXT = price*quantity and for some reason, sometimes that calculation has a 0 value in it somewhere which ends up with your EXT value being set to 0.

Your issue is no in the repeating group. It is elsewhere. Check your app data. You will see zeros in the EXT field.

ok great thanks! Yea your right. The problem now is that the previous developer didn’t organize anything very well so finding the EXT formula has been like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

@paul29 here is the formula. Not sure what is causing the issue. Is this a bubble issue? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I can’t listen to this with sound right now but the formula looks fine. It’s hard to tell what the problem is from this given that it is pulling values from the database and any data in the database, has, by definition, been created historically so you don’t get to see the process of the creation of any of those values. What I would do is run a step by step (debug_mode) when you change the input value’s price. This process doesn’t help if the formula runs properly but if it doesn’t then you’ll be able to source the problem better.

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