Dynamic Developer Required

Hi, I’m Derek and I headhunt for the African mining sector.

I wish to hire a database developer and designer to assist with the development of an interactive salary benchmarking tool. I have the back end data on Excel and wish to apply it to a database (mobile and url) where I can track user activity.

Any help with this or similar projects?

Many thanks,

p.s. i find it very difficult to articulate myself in tech.terms. Happy to discuss.

Hi there,

Did you find the help you were looking for?

Not yet.

Please add me on Skype that is joomdev1309@gmail.com .We will discuss further and start from today

Sent my contacts on private message.

Hi Derek,
Happy to take on this project as it is well within my skill set.
Feel free to email me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,