Dynamic Dropdown Data Sources

Is there a way to have a dynamic dropdown from two sources?

I’m actually having issues trying to get my dropdown to work with just the one source and I’m not sure if it’s the choice type I am selecting.

I have a listing where I am trying to have the user select either a part of the listing or the entire space. For example, if a listing had a max of two individual spots available or the entire space, I would want the dropdown to show:

Entire Space

Right now, I can’t even get it to show just the numbers. Does anyone have suggestions of what I might need to change just to pull from one source?

Please also let me know if it’s possible to pull from two and how to do that.

It is possible to pull from two sources…you use the merge operator…however, the two sources need to be of the same type

So for example I can have a custom data type of Cars and then I can have a custom data type of User and a Custom data type of Dealership.

On the user and the dealership I can put a field that is of the type “Cars” and make them a list.

Then in a dropdown I can make the type “Cars” and do a search for dealership list of cars merged with user list of cars

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